• Incroyable aussi!
  • It’s a pretty exceptional boat that can sail at a TWA of 240 degrees! But seriously, if they can get those foils up…
  • After every Cup, it is possible to look back and pinpoint key moments/decisions that led to victory. This could be…
  • Congrats to Torvar Mirsky and his team - 2017 World Match Racing Champions 👏
  • Brutally light and shifty day at the @worldmrt finals. @GACPindar lost to Chris Steele 2-0 in the Quarter Finals. Gutted.
  • Nice action shot of the team! Thanks @ianroman
  • Good fun with a bit more breeze today. @GACPindar qualified 3rd in our group - we sail Dackhammer in the round of 1…
  • Reasonable start for @GACPindar here in Shenzhen. Plenty to improve on though!
  • Here we go! First briefing for @worldmrt Finals in Shenzhen, China. @GACPindar are in the 1st group out tomorrow.